It’s that four-letter word that makes you think of hipsters right? Well, I have taken up this hipster activity and actually am falling in love with it. Think about it. How many times during your crazy, busy week do you take to just enjoy the silence? While some may disagree, contemplating in silence and just taking a break from our hectic lives (checking e-mails, driving in traffic, trying to figure out what’s for dinner, etc.) can be very calming. This is what I experience during yoga, but more…

Reasons Why Yoga is Worth It:

  • You get to work on your flexibility. Since retiring from cheerleading (tear..tear), I have noticed, especially when stretching, how much flexibility I have lost. Yoga allows me to build that back up and you actually see improvements pretty fast!
  • You can challenge yourself in new ways. I’m sure you have seen some of the insane yoga poses that people do…



While I am not at this level (yet hehe), there are still times when you have to tell yourself to focus on the task (pose) at hand that you want to accomplish. By doing so, you create an inner drive and motivation to reach that balancing point. For example, I have to keep the weight in the ball of my foot and focus on my eyes on a particular spot to achieve Warrior 3 pose.

  • The experts agree. There has been plenty of research conducted on flexibility training, and overall, yoga helps prevent injury and releases the majority of stress and tension that result from killer workouts.
  • And finally, it relaxes you. In my experience, at the end of a yoga session, I feel very calm. I feel proud of myself for taking the time to stretch, which I used to only do for 2 minutes or so after my intense cardio days. Now, I am devoting 2 hours a week to this four-letter word and it has really made a difference.


So, those are my thoughts about yoga. Hopefully this did not bore you to tears, but I really recommend trying it out! Also, be on the lookout for more posts this week as I already have several drafts in the making.

Cheers :)

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