5 Things That Make Eating Healthy Fun!

1. Make it Colorful: By making your plate visually appealing, you are setting yourself up for success. I used to have salads with only a protein source and a dash of cheese. However, when I started adding more color to my plate, it made eating my meal more fun!


2. Add some ZING: Lemon juice is my go-to, all-time favorite flavor enhancer! I add it on everything from salads to quinoa bowls. Not only does lemon help with digestion, but it is also a healthy replacement for dressing.

2014 01 25 lemon juice carousel


3. Try New Recipes: Consistently eating the same things over and over gets boring. That’s why trying new recipes is the way to go. I usually get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and will even be posting some of my favorite recipes throughout the year.pinterest_healthy_recipe_board

4. Mix It All Together: Incorporating fun mix-ins to meals makes them more unique than if you simply left them plain. Often times, I throw in bananas, coconut shavings, or even bits of dark chocolate in my oatmeal to incorporate different flavors. Another meal that works well with a lot of flavors is a taco salad. I love adding fresh mango and of course, lemon juice to mine!


5. Plan Your Meals: You have probably heard this from many health experts, but I highly recommend meal planning. It allows me to create a diverse meal plan of foods I love throughout the week. Additionally, having a meal plan helps to curb unhealthy eating, which often times occurs when you are in the kitchen and are unsure of what to make. Below is a copy of the meal planner I fill out each week. It is one of my Sunday activities that I love taking the time to do!menu_blog

There are my 5 tips! I hope you found my first food blog helpful and insightful!

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