Logistics of my Planner

Welcome to the wonderful world of my planner (a.k.a. my life). This little 7 by 9.5 inch notebook is the key to keeping my life and all of its contents organized, manageable, and functioning. Today, I am going to share with you the logistics of this highly detailed system.


  • Yellow: VERY IMPORTANT. Top priority item.
    • Example: Exams
  • Pink: Second-tier importance level.
    • Example: Quizzes & Projects
  • Orange: Assignments or events that are not a part of my normal routine.
    • Example: Meetings with advisors, friends, etc.
  • Blue: Planned workouts for the day
    • Example: My Cardio Core classes every Monday and Tuesday
  • Green: Items that I want to get done on that specific day.
    • Example: If it is Thursday and I want to finish an assignment today, then I will highlight it in green.



  • Line through: I accomplished the task.
  • Zig-zag scribble: I did not accomplish the task or it was cancelled.
  • Check Mark: I completed everything for that particular class.
  • Pen colors (other than black): Items to catch my attention to do sometime that day or week.



  • Doodles: proof of extreme boredom during class. I rarely do this because I barely have enough room to write in all of my assignments haha.
  • Stickers: Sometimes, I include these to signal a major test or trip.
  • Binder Clip: The page marker that keeps me from having to flip through numerous pages to find the current week.


You are probably thinking that I am a meticulous, caffeine-crazed college student. Despite if this is true or not, 1) I enjoy these methods of color-coding, scribbling madness, and 2) I actually do not drink coffee haha. In conclusion, I love my planner and all of its logistics.

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