Interview: Viv & Maria

This picture perfectly sums up these two girls. They are kooky, loud, hilarious, energetic, and one of the reasons why I love coming home so much. Recently, I did a joint-interview with the two of them where I asked a question, and they had to answer for themselves and for the other person (what they thought the other person would respond). I conducted the interview on paper, and then let them share their answers with each other after. I found that sometimes they knew exactly what the other would answer, and other times, they were way off. Regardless, these two are not only cousins, but also the best of friends. Here is a glimpse of these two lovelies:


Vivi (left) is my cousin, who lives next door back at home.

Maria (right) is my younger sister.

Two girls that help keep me young, and sometimes bring out my immature side hehe.



1. Who is your hero?

Maria: Jesus

Viv’s Guess: Superman

Vivi: Superman

Maria’s Guess: God

2. If you could go any place on earth, where would it be?

Maria: England

Viv’s Guess: Michigan

Vivi: Michigan

Maria’s Guess: Hawaii

3. What is your favorite color?

Maria: Pink

Viv’s Guess: Pink

Vivi: Blue

Maria’s Guess: Blue

4. What is your favorite food?

Maria: Pizza

Viv’s Guess: Pizza

Vivi: Rice

Maria’s Guess: Rice

5. What is your biggest fear?

Maria: Heights

Viv’s Guess: Her face (obviously, joking lol)

Vivi: Sharks

Maria’s Guess: Spiders

6. If you were deserted on an island, what are the three things you could not live without?

Maria: Pilot, working plane, and fuel

Viv’s Guess: Pizza, iPad, and charger

Vivi: Rice, charger, and iPhone

Maria’s Guess: Phone, food, and Netflix

7. How long does it take you to get dressed?

Maria: 5 minutes

Viv’s Guess: 30 minutes

Vivi: 40 minutes

Maria’s Guess: 5 minutes

8. Which is your favorite season?

Maria: Summer

Viv’s Guess: Summer

Vivi: Fall

Maria’s Guess: Spring

9. What is your dream job?

Maria: Child Psychologist

Viv’s Guess: Child Psychologist

Vivi: Vet

Maria’s Guess: Vet

10. At a restaurant, what would you order?

Maria: Chicken fingers and fries

Viv’s Guess: Pepperoni Pizza

Vivi: Sushi

Maria’s Guess: Chicken fingers and fries

11.  Tank top, blouse or a sweatshirt?

Maria: Tank top

Viv’s Guess: Blouse

Vivi: Sweatshirt

Maria’s Guess: Sweatshirt

12. Favorite TV show?

Maria: 90201

Viv’s Guess: Pretty Little Liars

Vivi: Vampire Diaries

Maria’s Guess: Vampire Diaries

13. Chick-flick, action, comedy or a horror movie?

Maria: Chick-flick

Viv’s Guess: Horror

Vivi: Chick-flick

Maria’s Guess: Comedy

14. What are your pet peeves?

Maria: Left on red (I learned that this means someone doesn’t respond to a snapchat), saying “L-O-L” as “lol,” and people taking my food

Viv’s Guess: People touching her hair

Vivi: *left blank*

Maria’s Guess: Getting stepped on and when I (Maria) correct her grammar

15. What are you really bad at?

Maria: Nothing

Viv’s Guess: Nothing (I thought it was funny that they both said that.)

Vivi: Grammar

Maria’s Guess: Singing and dancing

16. Are you afraid of the dark?

Maria: mmm.. sometimes

Viv’s Guess: No

Vivi: No

Maria’s Guess: Yes

17. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Maria: Go to my fave stores

Viv’s Guess: Buy a beach house

Vivi: Buy a cabin on the ski slopes

Maria’s Guess: Buy animals

18. What was your favorite show when you were little?

Maria: Hannah Montana

Viv’s Guess: Bratz

Vivi: Bratz

Maria’s Guess: Suite Life of Zack and Cody

19. Where do you want to live when you are older?

Maria: Suburb of New York

Viv’s Guess: California

Vivi: Michigan

Maria’s Guess: Suburb of New York

20. How many children do you want and what will be their names?

Maria: 4; Brandi, Bethany, Casadee, and Genevieve

Viv’s Guess: She wants all girls; Skylar

Vivi: 2 (boy and a girl); Lila and Tyler

Maria’s Guess: 2; April and Bob

21. What is your favorite animal?

Maria: Orca and kinkajou

Viv’s Guess: Dog and dolphin

Vivi: Chinchilla and dog

Maria’s Guess: Dolphins and dog

22. Describe yourself in one word.

Maria: Hilarious

Viv’s Guess: Pretty

Vivi: Funny

Maria’s Guess: Hilarious

23. Who do you sing in the shower?

Maria: T-swift and Justin Bieber

Viv’s Guess: Shawn Mendes

Vivi: Shawn Mendes

Maria’s Guess: Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

24. What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

Maria: Panera Bread’s turkey on country bread

Viv’s Guess: Grilled cheese on sourdough

Vivi: Grilled cheese on sourdough

Maria’s Guess: Grilled cheese with sourdough bread

25. What are your top 2 most used apps in order?

Maria: Snapchat and Netflix

Viv’s Guess: Instagram and Snapchat

Vivi: Snapchat and Instagram

Maria’s Guess: Netflix and Snapchat

26. What are your favorite ice cream toppings?

Maria: Chocolate sauce and sprinkles

Viv’s Guess: Candy and fruit

Vivi: Candy and fruit

Maria’s Guess: Chocolate sauce and sprinkles

(looks like they both got lazy with their answers on the last one haha)


Conclusion: For the most part, Viv and Maria are two peas in a pod.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.48.39 PM

With robes and all…


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