Carpe Diem

Today I seized the day by indulging in some reading time. I read the March 2016 Women’s Health Magazine with the one and only Christina Aguilera on the cover, and was also delighted to discover an article titled “15 Insanely Gorgeous Smoothies” via Snapchat (some of which are pictured above). Anyways, I love staying current on the latest health and fitness facts. During free time, I often find myself “researching” various health topics from recipes and workouts to mental health and happiness findings. So, from me to you, here are some tidbits of wisdom…

Things I learned today:

1) Two cups of daily drinks containing carrots, spinach, and papaya for 7 weeks straight can brighten your skin.

2) A study found that people who stop eating after 7 p.m., sleep better than those who snack throughout the night.

3) Types of eggs defined:

  • Cage-Free: Hens live in large barns without any outdoor access and have about 1.5 square feet of space each.
  • Free-Range: Fowls are housed in barns, but have now have a minimum of 2 square feet of outdoor space.
  • Pasture-Raised: Chickens have a minimum of 108 square feet of outdoor space with additional indoor areas for resting.

4) How the colors you wear while exercising affect your mental state:

  • Red: Can boost adrenaline and excitement, so you’ll feel more alert.
  • Yellow: Evokes happy vibes, motivating you to hit the gym on a dreary day.
  • Green: Causes us to think of nature, which makes us more appreciative of our bodies.
  • Blue: Can calm jitters while reducing how hard you think you’re working.
  • Purple: Is a nerve depressant and helps clear your mind so you can focus.

5) Christina Aguilera has two children: Max (8) and Summer (1).

6) She is currently writing and recording and album with Pharrell Williams.

7) Kettlebell Swings were voted as the biggest calorie burner over burpees, rowing, cycling, jogging, rope swings, and squat jumps because it’s a fluid, low-impact motion, which leads the average person to get in more reps. They also have an aerobic afterburn effect, which leads to post-workout muscle building and calorie burning.

8) The #1 excuse for missing work is back pain.

9) Back pain is also the 2nd most common reason for doctor’s visits.

10) Due to their constricting fit, which alters your stride, skinny jeans can stress the joints in your back! Women’s Health suggested to rotate your wear of favorite skinnies with other types of jeans…(um, I think I’ll take my chances haha)

11) Sports fans are less likely to suffer from depression.

12) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively…

a. are married

b. have a 1-year-old daughter

13) Smokers have twice the rate of miscarriage as nonsmokers.

14) To end on a positive note, Women’s Health confirmed that food expiration dates are merely the manufacturer’s rough estimate of optimal quality. They state that cheese can remain safe and tasty for a month or more past its “sell by” date. Lastly, WH suggests to go by your senses (the sniff-and-look-test) when it comes to expiration dates!


Happy Sunday and go treat yourself to a smoothie 🙂
PicMonkey Collage
Sources: Women’s Health Magazine, March 2016 Issue
Food Network Snapchat Story, photos from @blueberrysmoothie

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