19 or 9?

Several weeks ago, I made a post titled “19 or 50.” It basically described ways that I act more like a 50-year-old than a 19-year-old, college gal. So here is the sequel to that blog, but with a twist. The following is a list of ways how I act like a 9-year-old elementary school girl…

  1. I love animated Barbie movies and TV shows. Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is awesome.
  2. At Disney World, or even at King’s Island, I will still line up to get my picture taken with every single character, and I get nervous to talk to the princesses haha.
  3. I eat children’s snacks: squeezable applesauce, Elmo breakfast waffles, Cliff Kids’ bars, etc.
  4. I get really into Disney movies.
  5. I sing all of the songs every time I watch Frozen.
  6. I love to color in coloring books. (Note: It’s actually really calming!)
  7. I constantly run into things and form a lot of bumps and bruises.
  8. Swings on the playground make me really excited.
  9. I really enjoy board games.
  10. I still make pinky-promises.
  11. My mom still goes to my yearly check-ups at the doctor with me.
  12. I have a (self-proclaimed) bedtime.
  13. Radio Disney was always one of my pre-sets (until Indy got rid of it over the summer tear tear).
  14. I reward myself with TV time if I complete all of my to-do list tasks.
  15. Sometimes I browse the toy aisle at Target just for fun.
And even though I see myself as being mature for my age, I will always be a kid at heart.

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