Being comfortable. It’s a nice feeling. What does it entail? Being able to come home to a loving family? Having comfort knowing that tomorrow is the start of the weekend? Whatever the case, I take comfort in having time to myself to reflect. One of my 2016 personal goals is to treat myself to a meal each month, where I just enjoy the meal. It is nice being comfortable enough to say, “Table for 1.”

When I take myself out on these monthly dates, I try to remove all negative thoughts and anything causing me anxiety. This is a time for me to enjoy a nice meal, observe others, and take a moment to appreciate my life. I am financially fortunate enough to be able to go on these trips, and need to view at them as a privilege. Not everyone can afford going out to a nice restaurant. Some do not even know when their next meal will be. These are some of the thoughts that come about as I sit in contemplation and mostly silence apart from when I say, “Can I have more water please?”

So far this year, I have gone to get sushi at Ami twice and Mother Bear’s Pizza once. However, I am planning on broadening my horizons by trying out new places throughout the year. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. Delicious food is always a good idea.

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