Florida girl.

For the past several days, I have been on the beautiful beaches of Panama City, Florida. Aside from the occasional thunderstorms, everything about this state appeals to me… The sunshine, the warm weather, the salty ocean air.. I could go on and on, but ultimately, Florida makes me so so happy, which is why I’m convinced that I am a Florida girl at heart.

Just look at my panoramic beach picture above. The sun, the water, and the sand are all so inviting. I would absolutely love to be a long walk or bike ride away from this beautiful scene. Wouldn’t we all though? The thing is that while I love Indiana, I do not love the cold. It is cool to say that we see the beauty of all four seasons, but in all honestly, I only appreciate two: spring and summer (a.k.a the warm ones).

I have always thought about moving to a warm state like Florida, North Carolina, or even California, but I don’t know if I would want to be that far from my family. They are everything and I want them to be there for my big future moments like when I buy my first house or start having children. If I’m craving some of my mom’s delicious breakfast scramble, I want to be able to drive over to my parents’ house for a Sunday brunch. If my little sister wants me to help her get ready for a college formal, I want to be there for her. So, who knows what will end up happening. I guess when I call myself a Florida girl, it really means that I would absolutely love to live anywhere that it is consistently warm, but Florida especially just always seems to be calling my name.

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