Weekend Recap

This past weekend was jam-packed with activities, people, and places, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way 🙂


  • Daddy and Jade picked me up from school.
  • Unpacked and took Jade for a walk once I got home.
  • Once all of the fam got home, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Rancheros. I got my typical, but delicious chicken and cheese quesadillas, and consumed way too many chips (not to mention a whole bowl of salsa).
  • Ria and I stayed up late practicing for her cheer try-outs on Saturday morning.


  • Maria and I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for try-outs. I curled her hair and helped her perfect her motions for the Ritter fight song.
  • After picking up one of Ria’s friends, we made our way to the old stomping grounds.
  • Maria and I both participated in the try-out. I judged and she performed. While I did not actually score her, I was able to watch, and she made me one proud sister! She is like a mini-me with high socks, a bow, and all, and I love it.
  • Then, we went to get lunch… Maria got an Arby’s sandwich, curly fries, and a jamocha shake. I got two McDonald’s grilled chicken snack wraps, and an M&M Mcflurry. We also picked up Jimmy John’s for mommy and daddy.
  • After we had all of the food, we made our way to meet the family at Shambaugh park for the boys’ baseball game. The weather was perfect, and we all got nice suntans even though the game was cut short because Ritter run-ruled the team!
  • Maria and I headed back home to play with Jade, lay-out in the sun, swat carpenter bees with tennis racquets (lol), and then got ready to babysit the kids I nanny during the summer.
  • Baby-sat until 11:30 p.m. and then went home and crashed.


  • Woke up and made myself a yummy breakfast of wheat toast, fried eggs, and berries (and of course, green tea) even though daddy was right next to me cooking breakfast for the fam. While his hash browns, sausage, and cheddar scrambled eggs looked tempting, I knew my stomach would hurt if I ate all of that hehe.
  • All of us went to 10:30 mass at St. Chris.
  • After church, I said goodbye to daddy and the boys since I wouldn’t be home until after final exams, and then mommy, Ria, and I made our way to Edinburgh to shop!
  • The traffic on the way there was pretty bad, but we eventually made it. Before we shopped though, we needed some food. We found a pizza place, but when we walked in, we were disappointed to find a pizza buffet that looked like it had been sitting there for a couple of hours. So, we hopped back in the car and ended up at Montana Mike’s Steakhouse.
  • IT WAS FABULOUS. Their rolls and cinnamon butter were to die for, and mommy and I even treated ourselves to burgers, which we never order! Maria of course got chicken fingers and french fries.
  • Shopped until we dropped.
  • Before leaving, Maria got a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone and mommy and I got strawberry banana smoothies.
  • I drove back to Bloomington while mommy and Ria took a nap.
  • Got dropped off, walked to the library to do some homework, and finished the lovely Sunday evening walking around campus.

Have a great week everyone!



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