A Thank You Note to My Little Sister

Dear Maria,

Thank you for always making me smile. You help me from being too serious all the time, and I need that. Those laugh-until-you-cry moments with you are priceless.

Thank you for keeping me up to date on the latest text lingo. Note: for those of you who do not know, OTP stands for “one true pair” and can be used in place of saying “goals”when commenting about a couple on social media.

Thank you for not judging me when I scarf down 8 apple-cinnamon cookies in 10 minutes. Then again, thank you for not judging my weird eating habits in general.

Thank you for letting me boss you around all the time. You are like my unpaid, personal secretary haha.

Thank you for waiting on me to watch a movie while I do my 20-minute skin routine at night, and then end up saying, “I’m too tired to watch a movie. Let’s just watch it in the morning and go to bed.”

Thank you for sharing your earbuds with me in the car when I forget to bring my own.

Thank you for agreeing to take dozens of my artsy photos until I am satisfied with one…or taking 20 more if I don’t like any of them.

Thank you for singing/screaming songs with me in the car. It’s not as fun singing them without you.

Thank you for being my human Barbie doll and letting me practice my curling iron skills on you. (Also, sorry for all the times I burnt your ear haha.)

Thank you for all the times you help me study for exams, participate in my video projects for class, or keep me calm when I feel like everything is too much.

Thank you for always letting me get a “little” bite of your meal, which ends up being a whole chicken tender lol.

Thank you for giving me compliments even when I don’t believe you or feel like accepting them.

Along with that, thank you for all the times you tell me I look tan because you know that makes me feel very accomplished.

Thank you for being there for me throughout all of my break-ups. Your rare hugs mean the world since I know you hate showing affection.

Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters and going to all of my cheer competitions that all lasted 5+ hours.

Thank you for going on those late-night runs to Kroger or CVS when I don’t want to drive alone.

The list goes on and on, but most of all, thank you for allowing me to be your big sister and teaching me how to be a better person. I will forever cherish July 26th, 2002 because that’s when my best friend was born. To conclude this sappy thank you note, know that you make me so so happy and I cannot wait for our adventures this summer, and even more, our adventures during this journey called life.

Love always, Ate.

 (Filipino word for older sister)


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