The Big Apple.

Detailed digital scrapbook of trip number 1 of 4 this summer to New York City. Pictures, video documentary, and lots of reflection included…

DAY 1: 05.13

  • Departure from the Indy airport at 12:20 p.m.
  • Chicago lay-over featuring an M&M McFlurry, some snack wraps, and reading.
  • Arrival in Newark, NJ at 5:30 p.m.
  • Brit picked us up at baggage claim, and then we took a subway to Seacrest, where her husband, Tolyk, picked us up.
  • Got a few groceries before heading back to their apartment. My basket included a mere three items: egg whites, bananas, and my favorite Outshine strawberry fruit popsicles haha.
  • Parked and headed up to their adorable apartment, and Brit even surprised both of us with American Eagle dresses that she designed!
  • Unpacked and then Lex and I went to the gym on the first floor of the building and ran a couple miles to get our bodies moving a little after sitting all day.
  • Showered, and drank my necessary-nighttime-decaf green tea while Brittany helped Alexis and I finish filling in our itinerary and showed us how to work the subway system app.
  • Bedtime.
Favorite pics of the day:

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Favorite food of the day:

M&M McFlurry.

Favorite place of the day:

Brit’s apartment.

Discovery of the day:

Subways are not so scary.

DAY 2: 05.14

  • I woke up at 5:45 a.m. to get my morning routine started while everyone else was sleeping…
    • Breakfast: oatmeal w/ two dark chocolates, egg whites, and a strawberry popsicle.
    • Journaling with green tea.
    • Checking e-mails, the weather for the day, and my Instagram feed 🙂
  • Lex and I got ready and then I had a second cup of tea in the sun on Brit’s patio just enjoying the peacefulness of the morning.
  • Hopped on a train to Seacaucus, and then a subway to Penn Station. Then we walked to another subway after that…
  • Finally arrived in SoHo, and found some goodies at Madewell.
  • Made a stop at Sal’s Little Italy for some authentic Italian pizza. I don’t think I have ever savored a pizza so much. Lex and I were seriously craving some after all of that walking. I ordered a simple Margherita and she had a Napoletana, which had sausage and broccoli toppings!
  • Introduced Lex to the craziness of Chinatown and the bartering along with it.
  • Headed back to the city and made two more stops at American Eagle and Marshalls before returning back to the apartment.
  • Recapped the day for Britt and Tolyk, and both of us were in bed by 10:45. We were exhausted! 20,000+ steps throughout the day!
Favorite pics of the day:

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Favorite food of the day:

Sal’s Little Italy Margherita Pizza:)

Favorite place of the day:

Painted murals on the outskirts of SoHo.

Discovery of the day:

Comfort shoes > trendy, uncomfortable ones

(Note: Lex and I were smart and chose comfort.)

DAY 3: 05.15

  • Same morning routine as yesterday.
  • Sunday mass at Saint Mary’s in Rutherford, NJ
  • Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. Lex and I both ordered Oven-Roasted Chicken & Mozzarella Tartines and shared the baker’s basket of bread and a cup of berries.
  • Yankee’s Game against the Chicago White Sox! It was SO COLD. I was only wearing a short-sleeve jersey, and definitely should I have listened to Brittany when she suggested brining a jacket… oh well. The Yankees won, but Lex and I were already on the subway by the time the game ended.
  • Made a Starbucks run before hopping the train to try and warm ourselves up a bit. Lex got hot chocolate and I (of course) ordered green tea.
  • Got back to the apartment and got dressed up for dinner at Café Matisse with Brittany. Such an amazing dinner… the waiter was kind of flirting with us, and gave us a dessert mocha on the house! The portions were very, very small, but I guess that is why the restaurant’s saying is “Artful Cuisine.
Favorite pics of the day:

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Favorite food of the day:

Spicy Panko Crusted Crab with Cheddar Glazed Shrimp

Favorite place of the day:

Yankee Stadium would have been my favorite if it wasn’t freezing, so dinner won haha!

Discovery of the day:

When questioning if you should bring a jacket, BRING IT.

DAY 4: 05.16

  • Same morning routine as always in addition to a morning workout in the apartment’s gym.
  • Visited and got a tour of Brit’s AEO design studio. She is the designer for all of the dresses there, and we got to see the upcoming collections!!
  • Happened to come across an NBCUniversal event party, and I met ALICIA KEYS, MARIAH CAREY, MAYA RUDOLPH, Henry Winkler, and several other stars! (Look at slideshow below.)
  • Walked to Central Park, where we saw a street performance, wedding photoshoots, The Loeb Boathouse, and took a cat nap in the sun by the big fountain:)
  • Visited the beautiful Plaza Hotel as well as the Apple Store.
  • Made another Starbucks pit stop to charge our phones and get drinks.
  • Walked to Times Square to see the iconic (and very crowded) area.
  • I was having a major ice cream craving, so I purchased an M&M McFlurry while we waited for Brit to get off work.
  • Met Brittany at Salvation Taco. One again, the food was incredible, but the portion sizes are drastically different than Indy’s. Our plates looked like they were for children lol.
  • Took two trains and a cab back to the apartment, where we had a second dinner because we were so hungry, and then showered and went to sleep because we walked over 30,000 steps. It was a very eventful, surprising, and beautiful day in the city.
Favorite pics of the day:

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Favorite food of the day:

Salvation Taco: Al Pastor w/ avocado, lime, and pineapple

Favorite place of the day:

Outside the MoMa for an NBCUniversal Party, where I met ALICIA KEYS!

Discovery of the day:

Incredibly small portion sizes and 30,000+ steps/day is the reason why New York is only ranked as 39/50 on the obesity scale for the U.S.

DAY 5: 05.17

  • Woke up and had some tea with Brit before I had to say bye to her when she left for work 😦
  • Lex and I went to the Rutherford’s Pancake House for breakfast.
  • Came back to the apartment to blog, work on the NYC video (see link below), and take a mid-morning nap.
  • Ate lunch and packed our bags.
  • Made our way to the Newark airport. Tolyk thankfully drove us there so we didn’t have to worry about carrying our luggage on/off the trains.
  • Layover in Chicago.
  • Got home around 11:30!
Favorite pics of the day:

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Favorite food of the day:

Rutherford’s Pancake House: blueberry pancakes with eggs:)

Favorite place of the day:


Discovery of the day:

French bulldogs are adorable.


Such an amazing trip.


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