11 Thoughts.

Currently on the beaches of South Carolina, and loving life. Here are 11 thoughts that I have had while being here.

  1. The beach is my happy place.
  2. I want to always travel. There are too many beautiful places in the world to ignore.
  3. Sharing 1 bathroom with 7 people tests my patience. #firstworldprobz
  4. I feel pretty when I’m tan.
  5. I love running. The endorphins, sweat, and challenge of it makes the post-run, jello legs worth it.
  6. Crab quesadillas are incredible.
  7. I think I have officially decided that I want to attend grad school out-of-state. UNC, University of Arizona, San Diego State, and University of Florida are all on my radar.
  8. My semester in Spain (Spring 2017) will be here before I know it… Hence, why I have been making myself practice my Spanish everyday via my Duolingo app.
  9. I love my friends and family for making my 20th birthday special.
  10. This vacation has been incredible because I have been able to journal, run, watch the morning sunrise, get my 7 hours of sleep, take 6 mile walks on the beach, meet cute lifeguards, and have a break from work.
  11. God is great.

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