Little things conquer all.

After coming home from vacation, I felt so refreshed, renewed, and awakened in the most delightful sense. I realized that I was feeling these emotions because I was able to take time to do things that I love. While walking miles on the beach is not a daily pleasure I can partake in at home, I was able to do other little things that positively influenced my mental well being.

I was able to journal. While I journal everyday, I typically have to do the short, life updates version. On vacation, I took time to just let the words flow out on the page. Writing down all of my thoughts really brings me peace because it allows me to reflect on events that happened, understand how they affected me, and give me time to react.

I was able to run. The endorphins and satisfaction from running cannot be beat.

I was able to be in the sunshine and take in God’s beauty everyday. Watching the sunrise, looking over the ocean, and seeing the waves crash onto shore makes me so so happy. God’s creation is so immense and incredible. It is lovely and inspiring. It makes me never want to stop exploring.

I was able to sing. Even though I do not consider myself to have a good voice, it didn’t stop me from belting my heart out. It had just rained and no one was on the beach because it was still overcast, and I still wanted to take a walk despite the hazy weather. I started with the typical Taylor Swift and various country songs that I always sing, but then I began to sing “All of Me” by John Legend. There was no stopping me. I was singing like I was on a stage somewhere with a single spotlight shining down on me. I felt so liberated because I knew that no one was listening, and it was just little me against the world. Think about it, when do you ever have the chance to sing as loud as you possibly can and hear your raw voice without music or others around you to judge?

These little things allow me to experience such bliss. Even when my schedule gets hectic, I know that I always need to make time for these things because they are a part of who I am, and they bring about so much good in world that sometimes only highlights the bad.






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