About yesterday.

Yesterday contained so much goodness that it would be a shame not to share…

  • I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to journal and eat breakfast before talking a nice walk to watch the morning sun rise. SO. WORTH. IT.
  • Wrote thank you cards to various people just to show them how much I appreciate all that they do for me.
  • Caught up on my television shows with my little sister.
  • Drank about 8 cups of green tea throughout the entire day.
  • Went on 3 more walks. (I like to walk haha.)
  • Treated myself to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Planned out this week’s activities, workouts, and meals.
  • Hit up the gym for some cardio and strength training with Maria.
  • Was able to catch up with an old friend via cell phone.
  • Aside from the trip to the gym, I wore an oversized t-shirt and had my hair in a loose bun all day.
  • And got to hang out with 4 sweet doggies 🙂
And just because today is Monday does not mean that we can’t make this day just as great. So go kill it today and be grateful for all that you have!
Peace, love, and sunshine – Miranda



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