Recently, I came across the realization that I have too much. My room, my schedule, and even my mind are way too cluttered. So, I decided to simplify.

I started with my room. During this process, I found many random things that for some reason at a particular time thought it would be good to save. For example, I found a hotel card key behind a picture frame that I put stickers on and then just left behind the frame. Similarly, I had a hot pink transfer luggage tag tucked away under a paperweight. My door to my room had layers and layers of miscellaneous pictures, artwork, letters, and coloring pages taped to it, and it just looked crazy. It was hard for me to toss out some things, but I was focused on achieving a clean and simple look for my room. I got rid of some furniture, cleared out things on my window seat so that I can actually sit on it, and among other things, am happy how my room is looking. While I have never been a messy person, I have a tendency to be a pack rat (i.e. the hotel room card key), and that is a habit I am going to try to end so that I can live in an environment where I can be happy without an abundance of material possessions.

Next, is my calendar. A few days ago, I told a friend how packed my schedule is. Everyone is busy. I am busy, and often times, too busy. That is because it is hard for me to say no to people. If a family needs me to babysit, the answer is 90% of the time a yes. If a friend wants to grab lunch, I find time…and so on. While it is good for me to spend time with friends and family, I am more introverted in nature and need time for myself to recharge.  For all you extroverts, this probably sounds a little strange, but I need this time to essentially reset my thoughts and relax by crafting, reading, or journaling in order to be able to present myself in the best manner in social settings. This summer, I have not given myself enough of this time to recharge, and I have definitely noticed a change in the way I reacted to certain situations. I need to simplify my schedule and say no sometimes so that I don’t have every single hour of my day planned. I think that free time is necessary for everyone to have a break from this 24/7, on-the-go kind of pace that the United States has adopted.

And beyond is a mindset. I need to live in a way where I have a little, but my life feels whole because it is filled with quality time exploring the world or playing a board game with my family or talking to my best friend until 3 in the morning about what we want to accomplish. I want to spend my money on traveling, going to concerts, taking pictures, smiling, laughing, and making memories in general as opposed to buying 2-3 new dresses or another pair of heels a week.

I want to live simply.

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