A Weekend to & for Myself.

This weekend, I am dedicating to myself. I am going to treat myself, do things I love, and take this time to restore my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. I believe it is very important to reflect and occasionally spend time alone in order to discover your needs, desires, and true self.

At the beginning of the week, I had big plans to travel to a cave with someone, but things change, and events throughout the week caused those plans to be cancelled. I realize I am being very vague right now, but that is to protect this person’s identity. I am not my happiest, bubbliest self right now, but I know everything is going to be just fine. I can accept and recognize these feelings, and I am going to allow myself to experience them, but also not let them last forever.

I am currently at Panera Bread, taking time to enjoy a delicious lunch, work on assignments, blog, listen to sad songs on Spotify, and plan out the rest of my weekend.

Here is what I have planned so far:

Grocery shop for next week.

Pick up a Redox movie or two to watch at night.

Get ahead in all of my classes.

Prep my Cardio classes for next week.

Paint my nails.

Restore my skin with a charcoal face mask.

Workout. Tonight I’m going to my friend’s Zumba class and then another friend’s Strength Conditioning class. Tomorrow, I will run and do abs. For Sunday, I think I will practice yoga.

Go to Saturday evening mass and get there 20 minutes early to journal.

I also really want to dress up, go somewhere, and feel pretty, but that would require another human being to accompany me… so this one is only a maybe.

– – – – – – – – – –

Have a fabulous FriYAY beautiful people.




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