Sunday Vibes.

Just some of my thoughts on this chilly November day…

  • I am going to be leaving for Spain very soon, and I’m getting nervous and scared and realizing how long I’m actually going to be away from friends and family.
  • Watched my second Christmas movie (1. Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas; 2. Christmas with the Kranks) today and started listening to Christmas tunes.
  • This weekend was so perfect.
  • Thanksgiving is SO soon! Can’t wait for Grandma’s homemade noodles and Filipino food #YAAAAASSS
  • Already starting to buy Christmas presents for people, and it’s making me so excited because I love finding/making things that I know people will LOVE.
  • My sister is secretly hilarious and loves to dance. However, she rarely shows that side to people.
  • I admire people who play the piano.
  • Getting my haircut tomorrow, and would really love to do something fun, but not sure what… Maybe a red strip??
  • Thank goodness for Sparknotes lol.
  • I love love love hiking and taking in God’s creation.
  • My yoga practice today was so restorative and exactly what I needed to refocus and prepare for the week ahead.
  • Justin Bieber has some really sweet Christmas songs…. “Mistletoe” is a MUST.
  • Wearing slippers and having candles lit makes my heart happy.
  • So thankful for the privilege to study at Indiana University.
  • I love my job as a group exercise instructor. I am definitely going to get nationally certified so I can lead in the summer and post-college 🙂
  • Calling your mom is something everyone should take advantage of if possible.
XOXO lovelies,


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