There are so many things that I could complain about today, however I am going to counter those complaints with a positive thought. In my sports psychology class, we learned about positive psychology and the concept of reframing. Everything is a mindset. If you don’t want to be upset, then get over whatever is making you sad, mad, annoyed, etc. and do something about it 🙂

  1. Today is Monday. –> Just because it is Monday does not mean that it has to be a bad day. Monday’s are for fresh starts.
  2. It’s rainy and cold. –> That just means the grass will stay greener a little longer and that I can wear my cute winter sweaters.
  3. I got dumped over break. –> This will make it easier for me when I leave for Spain and gives me the freedom to flirt with all the Spanish guys I want lol.
  4. I have 3 final presentations this week. –> There won’t be any next week!
  5. Thanksgiving break is over. –> It was a fabulous break (for the most part), and I will get a month for Christmas break soon enough!!
  6. I am getting sad and nervous and scared for my semester in Spain. –> This is an AMAZING opportunity and I will gain a new perspective and appreciation of the world around me.
  7. Kroger was completely out of bananas yesterday, so now I have to alter my normal meal plans. –> This is a chance for me to be creative with my food and try something new!
  8. I miss him. –> I’m glad that the relationship happened, we can still be friends, and I can just let things fall where they may.
  9. I am sleep-deprived. –> I have time to take a power nap!
  10. My favorite candle is almost burned out. –> Enjoy it while it lasts, and then go get another one!

Note to self: Think Happy. Be Happy.


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