See you soon Bloom.

The end of the semester has arrived, and I am leaving Bloomington for my month-long Christmas break! Bittersweet feeling since I will not be returning in the spring, due to my STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN SPAIN, but I will be back next fall ready for SENIOR YEAR. It’s crazy how fast time flies. Here are just some thoughts thrown onto a blog post for whoever cares lol…

  • Obsessed with Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Album.
  • Scraping ice off of your car can make you sweat… Took me 20 minutes yesterday lol.
  • I’m getting nationally certified as a group exercise instructor!!
  • Going to a job interview tomorrow for a potential kickboxing trainer job 🙂
  • Thankful for Halle for taking me to Chili’s last night. TRY the mango-chile tilapia. SO GOOD.
  • Going to the puppy store is an IU student MUST.
  • Still trying to process how I am going to pack for 4 months abroad in 1 suitcase.
  • Christmas lights/decorations/cookies/candles/etc. can alter your mood so much.
  • Speaking of candles… I always have to have one lit whenever I’m in my room now.
  • Photoshoot/modeling in Carmel tonight! So excited!
  • Watch James Corden’s carpool karoake with Bruno Mars.
  • Def visiting my fave sushi place over break.
  • I slipped on a sheet of ice yesterday and totally ate it. Only one person saw though haha
  • My friend from Texas is honestly the sweetest. I am so thankful for him.
  • Instagram Live Video Streaming is AMAZING.
  • Canvas painting is peaceful.

XOXO lovelies,


(P.S. All the pictures above are ones that I took 🙂 )

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