Tuesday Tea Time.

Current life updates:
  • Just dropped off my brother at baseball practice and am sitting at Starbucks enjoying a hot breakfast sandwich and Venti Mint Majesty Green Tea.
  • I GOT THE JOB. I am officially allowed to call myself a kickboxing trainer!
  • After I publish this post, I am going to start studying for my AFAA exam to get my national group exercise certification.

  • My family can finally move back into our house…The past few days we were staying with my godparents because the fumes from the stain on our new floors were so strong!
  • Christmas is in 5 DAYS!
  • Mommy and I are going to wrap hella presents today hehe.
  • I think I have an obsession with green tea. I have about 5 cups every day.
  • This old couple sitting across the Starbucks from me are goals… sipping their holiday drinks in cozy sweaters and exchanging smiles and laughter. Ugh too cute.
  •  I am flying to Dallas at the beginning of the year to see a special friend, be his plus-one at his best friend’s wedding, meet his fam, and go to all the trendy places in Texas! SO PUMPED. OMG.
  • Sweat sesh with Marty tonight.
  • Started making my packing list for Spain!
  • Need to start dedicating a half hour a day to practicing Spanish.
  • Christmas songs are the bomb.
  • Life is good.


Stay warm pretty people!




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