day 7.

Closing out my first weekend in Sevilla and let me just say that I walked most of it. I am so glad that I brought two pairs of tennis shoes! Here are some updates…

  1. My host mom is really trying hard to please me with my meals. They have gotten better, and my lunch on Saturday was amazing. I could eat it everyday haha. It was a plate of hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, and green peppers w/ a little bit of vinegar and olive oil. She also made me a soup and for dessert, she gave me bananas and orange slices. Also, I don’t know if leftovers are a thing here??


  1. I got a gym membership and have been going ever since. I feel like everyone knows I’m American because I watch Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber music videos while I’m on the treadmill. It feels good to get back into my fitness routine.
  2. I miss home like crazy and cry everyday.
  3. Went on a bike tour and saw La Plaza de España (Planet Naboo from Star Wars).
  4. My three-hour intensive Spanish class starts tomorrow. Pray for me.
  5. I have so much anxiety anytime I have to speak in Spanish.
  6. Signed up for excursions to Jerez, the wine capital of Spain, and to Granada for an overnight trip!
  7. The weather was really nice today. I sat by the river, ate some ice cream, and journaled for an hour. I think I actually got a little tan too:)
  8. My room is still an ice cube.

Buenas noches.


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