Hola mis amigos y mi familia! This past week I finished up my intensive Spanish class and did a lot of exploring this weekend! Things are getting better and I am starting to appreciate my time in this beautiful city more. Here’s a quick recap of everything I did this past weekend ūüôā


El Parque de Alamillo: There were so many orange and palm trees here! The park itself was massive and I wish I could have had Jade with me to take her for a walk! (Note: Instead of throwing tennis balls here, people throw oranges for their dogs to fetch!)


Los jardines de Guadalquiver.


CAAC: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo Monasterio de la Cartuja. 


Palacio de Las Due√Īas.


Basilica de la Esperanza Macarena. 



Views from my walk back from the gym. 


Adorable GSD encounter. (Note: Anytime I see a German Shepherd, it reminds me of Jade, and I always take a picture.)


Iglesia del Santo Angel: This is a new church that I went to this past Sunday for mass. I was actually planning on going to a different church, but stumbled upon this one on my way to the other and thought I would be a little spontaneous and attend mass here instead! Very beautiful!


Plaza de Toros: I only walked to see the outside of the building, but when my family visits, we are going to see an actual bull fight during la Feria de Abril.


Estadio Benito Villamar√≠n:¬†In Sevilla there are two soccer teams. Sevilla and Betis. My host family loves Betis, so I naturally have to cheer for that team also. This is Betis’ stadium that I walked to on Sunday.


Parque Bot√°nico Jos√© Celestino Mutis:¬†Anytime I see a park on my Google Maps app, I save it and walk there. I am constantly surrounded by buildings here, so I¬†love to¬†venture out and enjoy the greenery as often as I can. (I’m also a nature freak, which is why I am drawn to parks.) This place would be perfect for wedding photos ūüôā



It would be an understatement to say that I did a lot of walking this past weekend. I did A TON of walking this past weekend. However, I love walking and saving money, so it’s all good. I wanted to take advantage of my weekend in Sevilla because the majority of my future weekends are going to be spent traveling elsewhere. I googled “best places to visit in Sevilla,” saved them on my phone, and just walked from one place to the next place. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt. I’m proud of the growth that I have made since day one and am happy to say that I have not been crying myself to sleep anymore haha. Thank you everyone for the support, encouragement, and prayers. I love you all! Hasta luego!


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