10 Reasons Why Today Was Awesome.

  1. I ran faster and longer than I planned to on the treadmill today!giphy

  2. I relaxed by the river and journaled in between classes.img_9102

  3. I walked by a live Flamenco show in the street and watched for a few minutes.fullsizerender

  4. I actually understood what was going on in one of my classes!http-mashable-com-wp-content-gallery-triumph-lucy-hale

  5. No more Friday classes, which means… IT’S THE WEEKEND.giphy-1

  6. The salad that my host mom made for me tonight was AMAZING… strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, corn, etc. It was delicious. img_9115

  7. The sunset tonight was breath-taking!! I could not stop looking at it. fullsizerender-1

  8. The homework load is very light for the weekend 🙂week-in-review-emma-stone-gifs-little-mix-thecozyarmchair

  9. I talked to a lot of my hometown gals today, and it made me happy.1511679_572514516175320_2060131826_n

  10. I am starting to appreciate each day more and more and accepting that I am okay, I will see my family and friends soon enough, and I am doing what I always wanted… EXPLORING THE WORLD. 33e88e00bfa223f934e6790bee8efc68







****I do not own any of the gif images that I used on this post.***


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