Day 40.

Believe it or not, my time in Spain is more than 25% complete! The first three weeks felt like a month because I was missing home so much, but the following two flew by since I was finding my way around, traveling, and adjusting more to everything. Thankfully, my classes are not as taxing as IU courses, so I am able to enjoy more time exploring. Daily activities that I find myself doing include: journaling (a minimum of 3 pages), spending time sitting or walking by the river, going to the gym, and coloring in one of the two coloring books that I brought.

Today is a dreary and rainy Thursday. I had my Spanish Film class this morning and have one more class this evening before the official start of my weekend. My tennis shoes, socks, and pants are soaked because of the rain, but I am happily back in my room, drinking some tea, and listening to country music now.

I decided to start my Lenten promise a little early this year because I have been feeling physically out of balance. While, I am continuing to make progress with my fitness goals, I am not happy with my overall health (mostly because I am not in control of my meals here). I am tired of having toast and a banana for breakfast every morning. I miss my oatmeal, greek yogurt, and berries. The meals that my host mom makes are delicious, but I am not getting enough protein, and with working out and exercising as much as I like, I am exhausted all the time. My godmother luckily brought me more protein bars, but I need them to last until May… With all of that being said, I decided to give up all sweets and my daily bagel trips to the supermarket. In years past, I tried giving up all sweets and failed. However, I am determined not to cave (or even cheat on Sunday’s) because…

  1. I want to make a sacrifice for Jesus, and I know this will really challenge me.
  2. I want to see what a sugar cleanse does for my body, skin, and daily energy level.
  3. I know this will help me get back to the balance I had before I left the states.
  4. I want to commit to this and FINISH it.

Missing home a little more today, but I think that’s because the weather is making me feel a little blue. Oh well. You need rain, if you want flowers, right? I am planning on taking a bus to the beach on Saturday, so that will make up for it. It won’t be warm enough for my bathing suit, but it should be sunny. I am going to walk for hours, color, read, and just have a nice day soaking in the rays.



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