Hola! Today I took a day trip to Huelva, Spain to visit the beaches of Punta Umbría. As soon as I stepped onto the boardwalk and saw the waves, I could feel a huge smile forming.

The beach has always been my happy place, and I’m on such a high from my time there. However, I am also equally as pleased that I went on this trip and figured out the buses all by myself! I bought the tickets to Huelva online. Once I got to that bus station, I had to find the local bus to actually get me to the beach. After asking 3 people, walking around for awhile, and almost (key word: almost) having a break-down, I found the sign that read “Punta Umbría.” It was a little confusing because the local bus to reach the beach was another charter bus, which I wasn’t expecting. Anyways, I made it there, and even though it was cloudy, I had a great time walking, taking pictures, coloring, and just enjoying God’s peaceful presence away from the loud city noises and bright lights of Sevilla. Below are some pictures 🙂

Hasta luego,


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