Comida Andaluza.

Today, I decided to write about all of the traditional Spanish food that I have tried so far. I am a very picky eater, so finding things that I like has been a challenge for me. I also am given my meals (unless if I say that I am going out to eat) and cannot shop for my own groceries, which has been part of the challenge. However, there are a some dishes that I find myself eating every week 🙂

Tortilla Española: 10/10


Spanish Omelette: eggs, potatoes, & lots of olive oil.

Seafood Paella: 8/10


Very tasting dish, but not a huge fan of the pleathora of rice.

Salmorejo & Gazpacho: 4/10


Soups with a heavy tomato base. They are both eaten cold. Gazpacho is a blend of many vegetables, while Salmorejo is only tomatoes, bread, and oils. Gazpacho is often served in a glass and Salmorejo is served in a bowl. Not really a fan of either.

Sopa de Calabaza: 10/10


Pumpkin Soup: While the color of this soup is not particularly appetizing, it is very delicious!

Sopa de Garbanzos: 10/10


Garbanzo bean soup: Before coming to Spain, I had never tried garbanzo beans, but I really like them!

Patatas Bravas: 5/10


Basically Spain’s version of homefries w/ ketchup.

Empanadas: 10/10


Spanish hot pocket! I love the crunch of the outer shell! I have only tried a spinach empanada, but want to try a seafood one before I leave!

Pescaito Frito: 3/10


Fried fish: This picture is an accurate depiction of a meal that my host mom made me. It was a plate of fried sardines with the heads and everything. I do not really like fried food in general, and the fact that the fish had all of the bones and head still attached freaked me out.

Croquetas: 5/10


Not really sure how to describe these, but kind of like a Spanish hushpuppy. It is essentially a filling with a fried shell.

GELATO: 10/10 

Spanish equivalent of ice cream. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with ice cream because when I do treat myself to it, I tend to overdo it, but regardless, a solid 10/10.

Churros con Chocolate: 10/10

A typical Spanish afternoon treat. Watching them make the churros is very fascinating, but dipping them in chocolate & eating them = happiness 🙂

Hasta luego!

Part-time food critic,


**I do not own the majority of pictures in this post.**


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