Trip Updates.

Hiiii! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I have barely had time to write because of all of the traveling I have been doing lately! Below are some pics and summaries of the past 4 trips I have gone on 🙂

Last Weekend—Morocco, Africa: Chefchaoen (The Blue City), Assilah, and Tangier:

  • Getting there on Friday took way longer than expected because the ferry ride that we originally had scheduled was cancelled because the WAVES WERE TOO BIG… talk about one of my biggest fears coming true (being stranded in the middle of the ocean and sharks eating me). We were supposed to arrive by 10 p.m. and did not get in until 2 a.m.
  • On Saturday, we visited Chefchaoen. It was pretty rainy and cold the whole day, but wet shoes couldn’t stop me from enjoying the beautiful blue streets! Apparently it is a law for the citizens there to repaint the walls every year to help protect the buildings from the heat.
  • To start off Sunday, we made our way to the coast of Tangier for camel rides on the beach! It was awesome to see and interact with these animals! I have some awesome videos of them that I am going to use in my study abroad documentary. After that, we went to Assilah for some time to shop in the street markets!
  • Bottom line: GREAT TRIP. Totally worth the issues with the ferry, weather, and the digestive problems from the food lol.

Thursday—Playa de Matalascañas, Huelva, Spain:

  • My Thursday classes got cancelled this past Thursday because of an education strike going on near the university, so I bought roundtrip bus tickets for a day-trip to the beach! It was an absolutely perfect day of sunshine, long walks, and of course beach selfies haha. I had a yummy pizza for dinner as well 🙂

Friday—Playa de Punta Umbría, Huelva, Spain.

  • This is the beach that I went to about two weeks ago. I felt like such a pro getting there this time since I knew how the local bus worked. I spent the day soaking in the sun, listening to country music, taking extra-long walks, and doing some yoga. After these two days on the beach, I am a few shades darker!

Yesterday—Ronda, Spain.

  • This was a day-trip with my program and definitely my favorite one so far! I hung out with a great group of girls, and two of them actually go to IU. The weather was perfect! A bunch of people got sunburnt, but I didn’t because of my Filipino skin #thanksmommy. We visited the Plaza de Toros and saw Ronda’s bridge, which is landmark site there. During our free time, the girls and I took a hike to the base of the bridge. I wanted to walk all the way to the bottom, but everyone else waited for me because they didn’t want to hike up the steep incline. I’m so happy that my program has a lot of excursions because it shows that they put our money to good use! Once again, another great day. All these days of sunshine are great mood and energy boosters!


  • I’m just chilling in Sevilla today after three full days of trips! Plans for the day include: Figuring out my classes for the fall semester, going to church, hitting up the gym, shopping around a bit, and starting to study for midterms…Of course, I’ll sit by the river to catch some rays as well 🙂




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