Where did this year go? It’s already the final month of 2017. I started the year in Spain, and am ending it in Bloomington, which I can happily call my home. As the holiday season is upon us and this year quickly comes to to end, I just wanted to reflect on some questions I wrote in my journal today.

What is one quality you value most in a person?

Authenticity. There is no reason to not be genuine with people.

What is some dating advice you would give to your 15-year-old self?

You’re going to get your heart broken. It’s going to suck, and you’re going to want to dwell on it, listen to sad songs, and wonder why. However, there is a lesson in every relationship. God put that person in your life for a reason. So, if anything, try to keep your head up and realize what that lesson was because it will be okay.

What are some songs that are relevant to your life right now?

Games- Demi Lovato

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore- Demi Lovato

Stilettos- Kelsea Ballerini

What are some songs that you have on repeat at the moment?

The songs listed above.

Dress- Taylor Swift

I Did Something Bad- Taylor Swift

Candy Paint- Post Malone

Riot- Rascal Flatts

Drew Barrymore- Bryce Vine

Flare Guns- Quin XCII

List some things distracting you from studying for finals.

Adorable wedding videos on YouTube that make me cry.

The annoying cough and sore throat that I cannot seem to get rid of.

What are some things you’re struggling with?

The fact that I got no closure from my last relationship.

Body-image issues.

List things you are looking forward to in the near future.

Roommate gift exchange this Thursday.

Katy Perry concert on Saturday.

Being done with Spanish classes FOREVER.


Baking Christmas cookies.

Christmas and NYE at the bars in Indy.


Grad school acceptance letters.

The far future?

Graduate school graduation.

Finding the one.

Becoming a mom.


XOXO lovelies,




**I do not own the cover image above.**

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