Currently amazed that’s it’s already February 14th.

Currently angry about how horrible this season of The Bachelor is.

Currently anxious about hearing back from grad schools.

Currently blessed because the weather in Indiana is bearable right now.

Currently challenged by running goals that I set for myself this year.

Currently confused about my career path.

Currently determined by desire for self-improvement.

Currently delighted in how nice it is to not have classes this semester.

Currently excited about Spring Break 2018.

Currently exposed because I had a conversation with someone that probably did not need to happen.

Currently focused on making things right.

Currently frustrated because I messed up.

Currently glad that it is almost the weekend.

Currently grateful that I have amazing roommates that I can have fun nights with at the Bloomington bars.

Currently happy because I have been able to read 4 books this year.

Currently honored that I get to lead another senior retreat.

Currently inspired by Shay Mitchell’s life.

Currently interested in improving my photography skills.

Currently loved by friends and family, but mostly my puppy.

Currently motivated to reach my fitness goals.

Currently proud of Benny for choosing to come to IU next year.

Currently relieved that I was able to make the right decision and say goodbye to something toxic.

Currently sad that I get to have another uneventful Valentine’s Day…

Currently satisfied by the fresh taste of Chipotle burrito bowls.

Currently thankful for afternoon naps.


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