A Weekend of Firsts.

Just got back from a trip to Austin, Texas with some friends! Safe to say that I definitely want to visit again! Below is a list of firsts that happened over the past few days.

Ordered a drink at the airport.

Image result for cheers gif

Flew first class.

Image result for airport bar gif

Visited Austin, Texas.

Related image

Went to a BYOB sushi restaraunt.

Image result for sushi gif

Tried oysters and LOVED THEM.

Image result for oysters gif

Tried a Bloody Mary and LOVED it.

Image result for bloody mary drink gif

Met one of my third or fourth cousins for the first time!

Image result for family hug gif

Danced the two-step.

Image result for cowboy boots gif

Waited outside for an hour in the blistering heat for some Texas BBQ.

Related image

Not an accurate representation of how I feel, but I found this and had to use it lol.

Attended and participated in a rooftop pool party!

Image result for pool party gif


***I do not own the GIFs used in this blog.***

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