things that feel like home.

  1. Avon, Indiana.
  2. A book in my hands.
  3. A cup of green tea.
  4. Sand in my toes.
  5. Watching movies with my fam.
  6. Taking my pup on long walks.
  7. A much anticipated hug.
  8. Acoustic versions of songs.
  9. The sun– sunsets, sunrise, Sunday’s, sunbathing.
  10. Dancing.
  11. Taking pictures.
  12. Making someone smile.
13. Putting on one of my favorite dresses.
14. Collaging.
15. F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes.
16. A nice breeze on a warm day.
17. Laughter.
18. That moment when you transition from being strangers to something more.
19. A text that makes you blush and smile big.
20. Painting my nails in my parents’ bathroom.
21. When I capture someone’s authentic beauty in a picture.
22. Child’s pose.
23. Driving w/ the windows down and sunroof open.
24. Back roads.
25. Baggy t-shirts.
26. Dreams that make you happy.
27. Well-decorated, simplistic rooms.
28. Early mornings.
29. When you discover a new song and listen to it on repeat for days.
30. Making a wish at 11:11.
31. Pancakes cooking on a griddle and adding chocolate chips to them.
32. Make-up free days.
33. Being near a lake, river, or ocean.
34. Forehead kisses.
35. Anywhere you can go without having to use Google maps.


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