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current thoughts/emotions/updates via GIFs — I forgot how much I loved these fun animations until I wrote my Texas post.

how days like today make me feel… 80 degrees and NO humidity in the air.
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how I chowed down my Chipotle bowl after teaching 2 exercise classes.

Image result for chipotle gif

dancing to Maroon 5’s new jam like…

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thinking about paying for grad school/life in Chicago.

Image result for overwhelmed gif

when I find a Pinterest quote that accurately describes how I feel at the present time.

Image result for head nod gif

after my friend and I bought our first concert tickets of the summer.

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this was me about 20 times during the premiere of The Bachelorette.

Image result for drama gif

when I read a really cute cute line from one of the characters in my books.

Image result for soft smile gif

how I’m going to feel after my exciting new hair change on Wednesday!!

Image result for soft smile gif

coming back to my place in Bloomington for work.

Image result for missing friends gif

contemplating the never ending cycle of skin problems…

Image result for why! gif

this will be Katie and I once we see each other next weekend after almost A MONTH apart.

Related image

trying to stay optimistic after seeing yet another one of my friend’s engagement pics.

Related image

when he calls you babe though…

Related image

my response when my friend asked if I wanted to go out on the lake after work Wednesday.

Related image

and to conclude, my feelings toward the busy summer ahead…

Image result for drake and josh sushi gif

***I do not own the media content used in this blog post.***

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