My Go-To Snacks.

A friend recently asked me what my go-to healthy snacks are. Here is a list of my favorites that I shared! Comment below if you would like me to write more health & fitness-related posts!

Quest Protein Bars
Image result for quest protein bars

lots of protein, low sugar, low carb!

Kind Breakfast Bars
Image result for kind almond butter bars

Great for breaky too!

Corn tortillas w/ hummus
Image result for sabra hummus

This is my favorite kind!

Avocado Toast
Image result for avocado toast

I’m such a sucker for avo-toast.

Apple slices w/ peanut butter
Image result for apple slices with peanut butter

This is obviously how I cut my apple slices too…






***I do not own the images used in this blog post.***

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