being a nanny.

As many of you know, I am a nanny. I am watching for 4 families this summer and am so lucky to be a part of these kids’ lives. Here are some things that I’ve learned throughout my time as a nanny/babysitter over the past 10 years.

  • Chasing a 1.5 year old around for 7+ hours does count as exercise.
  • Don’t wear your favorite clothes when you are watching babies that are still being bottle-fed.
  • Sometimes the kids get sassy/throw tantrums, and you have to discipline them.
  • If you plan on taking summer walks, GO IN THE MORNING. It is not comfortable to sit around in the freezing, air-conditioned house after sweating.
  • Reading books can kill a lot of time.
  • Kids appreciate a routine, but also need you to switch it up occasionally.
  • You might catch yourself humming/singing along to the theme songs from Octonauts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Sofia the First, etc.
  • If you are watching the kids at night, you get paranoid around windows after you put them to sleep… close the blinds.
  • Make sure to always bring snacks/sippy cups if you are leaving the house for an hour or longer.
  • You will get mistaken as the kids’ mom in public.
  • Watching the kids grow over time is so amazing. As a future Speech Pathologist, I love observing language milestones & development.
  • Put on some music and dance with them. They’ll love it.
  • Afternoon naps can go both ways.
  • You will appreciate everything your parents did for you so much.
  • Hugs, goodbye kisses, and little giggles are so special.
  • Kids don’t care if your hair is a mess or if you wear running shorts everyday.
  • Take pictures.
  • Learning the art of distraction is key if kids have a hard time when their parents leave for the day.
  • Sometimes you are used to talking to little ones so often that you forget how to have an adult conversation haha.
  • And lastly, you become part of the family and consider these kids as your own babies/siblings.

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