Hi friends! I hope you all had a fabulous Fourth of July! I am back from a week in Boston and Chicago and am eagerly looking forward to planning my next trip. Comment below if you have been to Greece or Australia because I’m thinking about saving up!! Here are some general life updates…

  • THE BIGGEST ONE… my hair is black!! I have always wanted to go darker, but had a lot of people try to convince me otherwise. I finally did it though and could not be happier!


  • Loving this season of The Bachelorette. My favorites (in order) are Blake, Garrett, and Jason. This show is amazing, but also so toxic to me. It always makes me want to go on it if I’m still single by X age lol.
  • Started painting again and it has been a great therapeutic pastime.

  • Felt extra thankful and content hanging out at a family pool party yesterday. Some relatives from Alabama were in town and we all sat around the table and drank coffee (tea for me) and had a lovely, post-sun, chill chat catching each other up on our lives.
  • Woke up very late for work today despite trying to go to bed before midnight. I guess that’s what happens when a holiday falls on a Wednesday.
  • Considering getting into videography more and focusing on weddings. First, I need to invest in a nice camera. Suggestions?
  • Tried one of my “to-visit restaurants” while I was in Chicago last weekend. Summer House Santa Monica did not disappoint. It was a blogger’s dream from the beachy decor to the charming detail on the to-go desserts!
  • Just discovered “Sober” by Demi Lovato and it is honest and pure. Love love love.


That’s all for now.

XX Miranda

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