An Employee’s Review of Jack’s Donuts



This summer I have been working 1-2 shifts/week at Jack’s Donuts and thought I would share my thoughts about the goodies. I have tried a few, but usually I just like to admire them and make little kids happy haha. Comment below if you have any questions!


My favorites!

Cake donuts… the blueberry, apple crisp, and birthday cake are the best ones!


Gluten/dairy/peanut free donuts!


the cinnamon sugar is my fave


chocolate yeast pretzel — SO GOOD.


tiger tail donut holes — regular yeast and choc. yeast mixed into bite-sized desserts


The Aesthetically pleasing ones that I just like to look at:

yeast (aka glazed) w/ pink icing


sprinkle sticks — kids’ favorite


sprinkle roll — all rolls are cinnamon rolls with the icing (& toppings) on top


coconut roll


tiger tails — similar to the donut holes, but larger. these bad boys are a top seller.


caramel nut roll — we also have chocolate nut.


extra pics: (I had some free time at the shop today)

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