my ideal morning.

below are some of the things that make for a perfect start to the day

I love the detail of the foreground and how bright the light is

an early wake up. usually before the sun rises, but sometimes I let the sun function as my alarm clock on days off.

Truth  all I need is one massive cup of tea

green tea.

Pinterest: daysawait

berries of some sort.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 9.06.09 AM.png

cinnamon pancakes.


writing a blog post + journaling.


walk with my pupper before the humidity kicks in.

Yoga Mat Strap by LaedaCo

low intensity yoga. (I like to save more intense workouts for the afternoon.)


updating my marquee board.

New Spotify App


The 2015 Simplified Planner®, a daily (or weekly) agenda for getting back to the good stuff of life. || Photo by @annawithlove Photography

scheduling lunch/brunch dates with girlfriends.

27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

quick insta fix.

cool vases for pens and brushes

canvas painting.

Use a bar cart as a night stand.

reorganizing or redecorating my room in some way.







***I do not own most of the pictures used in this blog post.***

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