vegan week prep.

One of my bucket list items is to go vegan for a week (or more if I so choose). I am starting to prep for this challenge and am excited to see how I feel at the end of the week/observe any changes in my physical appearance. I cut out red meat from my diet awhile back, so I currently only eat poultry and seafood. However, on this diet, there are a lot of other things that I will need to cut out. Below is a list I found from Alexandra Jamieson’s “Living Vegan for Dummies Cheat Sheet.”


  • butter or cream
  • eggs
  • cheese from cows or goats
  • meat, poultry, lamb, or beef
  • fish, shellfish, shrimp, or lobster
  • gelatin
  • honey

I CAN eat:

  • all fruits
  • all veggies
  • all herbs & spices
  • beans
  • soy-based protein like tofu & tempeh
  • grains
  • pasta (that’s not made from eggs)
  • olive oil

Here is a more detailed list that I obtained from Alina Petre’s article titled, “37 Things to Avoid on a Vegan Diet.”

  • Animal foods: meat, poultry, fish/seafood, diary, eggs, & bee products
  • Ingredients/additives derived from animals: for example… shellac, omega-3 fatty acids (from fish — omega-3s from algae are an alternative option), vitamin D3 (derived from fish oil), whey, casein, and lactose
  • Vegan junk food that is packed with sugar!
  • Foods that sometimes contain animal ingredients: bread products such as bagels & bread made with L-cysteine (an amino acid that comes from poultry feathers), pesto (kinds that are made with Parmesan cheese), and some kinds of dark chocolate with whey, milk fat, or clarified butter… full list can be found from this HERE!

Foods/extras that I am planning on incorporating in most of my meals:

  • tofu
  • veggie burgers
  • chickpeas
  • chia seeds
  • almond butter
  • brown rice
  • quinoa
  • steel-cut oats
  • lots and lots of berries
  • veggies: for cooking — spinach, asparagus, zucchini, snap peas, sweet potatoes, and broccoli; raw –carrots, cucumbers, spinach, and tomatoes
  • coconut oil to replace recipes w/ butter
  • avocado, dark chocolate, & hummus for healthy fats
  • spices: cinnamon, pepper, and basil
  • salsa
  • lemon/lime juice


I’m so excited to start this little challenge and will be sure to take pics of my meals/document my thoughts throughout!

Xx Miranda

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