What a fabulous weekend. I’m not even upset that it’s Sunday because I truly felt like I made the most out of my time off. Saturday was quite eventful… morning walk, breakfast at Cafe Patachou with my cousin, Broad Ripple Farmers Market, where I got the happiest bunch of sunflowers, pool/chill time at home, dance cardio, and then back to Broad Ripple to check out the bars with an IU gal pal. Today, I took a morning bike ride, started packing for my trip to the Windy City this upcoming weekend, and had a lovely afternoon visiting The Eagle for the first time with a charming human being. Afterwards, I went to mass and then had evening run.

This weekend was much needed. I had time to do things that are good for my mental well-being… things that are my soul food. I had quality time with quality people. I spent time outdoors and appreciated its beauty. I met people that made me feel something I haven’t felt in awhile. I felt genuinely happy and excited. I smiled so so much. I hope you all have days/weekends/weeks like this because they allow us to recharge and step outside of our normal, sometimes boring routines. Let’s reset for the week ahead and absolutely KILL IT!



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