a little crabby :)

Today, I am going to analyze the attributes about my zodiac sign, cancer. I always love reading my horoscopes to see how accurate they are with the day/week that follows. I found info from the two websites listed at the bottom of this post! I will bold the items that are true and relatable to my personality. It was amazing to see how I resonated with almost all of the descriptions that I found.

General Info about Cancers:

  • sign: crab
  • color: white
  • element: water
  • lucky gems: ruby and pearl
  • spirit color: violet
  • flower: orchid & white rose


  • tenacious
  • highly imaginative
  • loyal
  • emotional
  • sympathetic
  • persuasive


  • moody
  • suspicious
  • insecure
  • manipulative
  • pessimistic


  • art
  • home-based hobbies
  • relaxing near or in water
  • helping loved ones
  • a good meal with friends


  • any criticism of mom
  • revealing personal life
  • strangers

In Relationships:

  • above mind games and hates the thrill of the chase
  • happiest when they’re part of a pair, and the best relationships bring out their greatest traits… however, also has an independent streak and needs solo time


  • guided by emotion and their heart
  • needs to be approached with care and understanding –> they give this in return
  • quick to help others and avoid conflict
  • loves creating — painting, writing, reading
  • can be intense at times
  • hates small talk
  • social gatherings can be overwhelming
  • A crab knows where they’re going, but often in the wrong direction until they learn a lesson or two & start relying on themselves.
  • show sensibility to the world without thinking they might get hurt
  • has a wry sense of humor
  • may seem prickly & standoffish @ first meeting

Famous Cancers:

  • Selena Gomez
  • Ariana Grande
  • Luke Bryan
  • Kevin Hart
  • King Bach
  • Lionel Messi


***I do not own the cover imaged used for this post.***

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