25 date ideas.

In a world full of Tinder swipes, casual hook-ups, and first dates that never result in seconds, here are some fun date ideas to try! Leave a comment if you’ve done any of these or end up trying one… I think numbers 17 and 22 are my favorites!

  1. comedy show
  2. farmer’s market
  3. garage sale hopping
  4. puzzles!
  5. kayak or paddle board
  6. shooting range
  7. wine tasting
  8. zip-line
  9. canvas painting class
  10. cooking class
  11. walk around your city & play truth or dare
  12. art fair

13. find a local coffee shop & chill

14. go to a bookstore and leave post-it notes in some of your favorite books for future readers

15. go to airport. get the cheapest, soonest leaving flight, and head there for the weekend

16. see a live show

17. have a Paris-themed night in… French wine, baguettes, crêpes, and watch Ratatouille

18. bake cookies

19. volunteer at a local food drive

20. hot yoga

21. train for a race together

22. restaurant crawl… go somewhere different for your drinks, appetizer, main course, and dessert

23. frisbee at local park

24. get $10 worth of quarters and go to the nearest arcade

25. make your own pizza and play 20 questions


Have fun!





***I do not own the cover photo used for this post.***




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