on my day off…



  • Baked cookies for Max and his roommates at Butler.
  • Fell in love with the new Ariana Grande album. “everytime” and “sweetener” are definitely worth a listen.
  • Checked out some movies + books at the library.
  • Went to see Crazy Rich Asians with a gal pal this morn. SO GOOD. Please go see it!!

  • Treated myself to an orange lunch haha… sweet potato fries and tomato-basil soup. Currently on day 3 of my week-long vegetarian diet!
  • Spent some time with my pupper.
  • Took a nice nap!
  • Met my mom at our trainer’s for an abs & kickboxing workout.
  • Packing for a couple days in Bloomington and reading after I finish this post!

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