how to be healthy & treat yo’ self at the same time.

A list of some things I do to create balance in my life when it comes to food, health, and fitness.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Eat breakfast like a king… lunch like a prince… and dinner like a pauper.
  • Try to have your 1-2 sweet treats in the morning/early afternoon.
  • Try not to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. You’ll actually sleep better if you do this!
  • Limit caffeine intake to the morning and NOT past noon.
  • Get some exercise everyday! (even if this is just a 30-minute walk on your day(s) off from the gym)
  • Try to break a GOOD sweat at least 3x a week.
  • Don’t skip your cardio.
  • Try not to feel guilty about indulging every now and then. If you had a day of bad eating or were just being extra lazy on a Saturday, remember that tomorrow is a new day!
  • DRINK YOUR WATER. I am constantly using the restroom because I know water helps remove toxins from the body and allows it to function properly.

  • Do things that are good for your mental health too… get some sunshine, sing in your car, read a book, light a candle, etc.
  • Get your greens in some way, shape, or form… raw, cooked, in a smoothie, etc.
  • Avoid foods that give you temporary satisfaction, but then make you feel horrible later… DAIRY… ice cream (I stick to dairy-free treats now), pizza overloaded with cheese (stuffed crust)… FRIED FOODS… Things with buckets of sugar.
  • Read your labels. So crazy how much sugar/sodium are in everyday things you may consume. Save yourself and read a label.
  • Limit alcohol intake. I stick to 1-2 times a month.
  • Meal prep/plan.
  • Take your daily probiotic and multi-vitamin!
  • Write down what you eat each day. Could be in a journal or in the notes app of your phone. Tracking your food will help you remember everything you’ve had and helps me decide if I can have another helping of dark chocolate or not haha.
  • Post-dinner walk or bike ride as often as you can. This aids digestion and doesn’t leave you feeling as full before bedtime.
  • When ordering at restaurants, ask for no butter and no salt if possible. If you want flavor, add pepper or lemon juice!!
Hope these help!
Also, random announcement: I am recently practicing the vegetarian/almost vegan lifestyle!!

***I do not own the cover image used on this post.***

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