update via GIFs.

When I crushed my treadmill workouts this week.


Me getting in my feels and singing Adele songs at the donut shop.

Image result for adele gif

Me secretly looking for alternate apartment options because I want something closer to downtown Chi…

Image result for sneaky gif

Starting to get nervous for my grad school schedule.

Image result for nervous ross gif

But also getting excited to live in the big city life for awhile.

Image result for excited gif

How the dating world makes me feel (part 1)…

Image result for head smack gif

(part 2)…

Related image

Proud of myself for officially cutting meat out of my diet!!

Image result for proud gif

Trying to figure out how I can cram in as many breakfast/lunch/dinner dates with all my fave peeps before I move in 2 weeks!

Image result for cardi b gif

Also, me getting as many pics of my puppy before I go.

Related image

Planned one trip and am still adding some more exciting, tropical destinations to the calendar!!!

Related image


****I do not own the GIFs or the cover image used in this post.****

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