hi babes.

Things to be excited about:
  • It’s the weekend!!
  • I bought tickets to see Ed Sheeran next month!
  • My friend from IU is in town!
  • I’ve been pescatarian for over a month now and am seeing amazing results in the way I feel and look.
  • Going to a WERQ dance fitness class today! One of my faves!
  • Date number two tomorrow!!
  • Running a 5k with my godmother tomorrow as well!
  • I’ve been meeting so many great girls in my program! I think I’ll be able to make lots of new friends!!

Things I need to work on:
  • Creating a positive self-image for myself.
  • Controlling the things I can control and letting the rest happen.
  • Resisting the urge to travel to all of these extravagant places for yoga retreats lol.
Things to be grateful for:
  • That I am excited and ready for the journey ahead. No anxiety yet!
  • That the transition to the Chicago/big city lifestyle has been a smooth one.
  • The opportunity to attend a well-established and thriving university.
  • Emma and Parker (the kids I nannied) because they Facetimed me this morn!
XX and cheers to the weekend,

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