my fall bucket list.

  • burn fall-scented candles in my room… already bought some “Cozy Autumn Cuddle” ones that smell like heirloom pumpkin and caramel spice.
  • carve a pumpkin — already made plans.
  • try out at least 3 local cafes.
  • attend a NU football game.
  • watch Hocus Pocus.
  • fall photoshoot.

  • bake pumpkin cookies.
  • volunteer at a food pantry.
  • start Christmas shopping.
  • express gratitude.
  • attend a comedy show.
  • attend a broadway play.
  • go on a hike.
  • discover up & coming country artists.
  • breathe deeply.
  • journal.
  • find a hot yoga studio & take classes.
  • wear my favorite oversized sweatshirts.

****I do not own the cover image.****

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