a female.

a little girl.

to a woman.

pressured to be perfect.

to be put together.

to be pretty.

to be thin.

the list is never-ending.

yet, I still conform.

to these norms that kill my self-image.

these norms that are unrealistic.

why do I do this?

perhaps because it was what we were taught.

taught that pain is beauty.

and that make-up is recommended.

or else you look sloppy.

yet, I still conform.

part of me enjoys the pampering.

and the self-improving construct.

another part of me, gets sad though.

when I see girls who do not feel confident without the make-up.

or the ones who are obsessed with plastic surgery.

are they doing it for themselves?

or for others?

because sometimes the line is blurry.

words from a xx.


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