autumn in the city.

Such a cozy fall weekend!

I spent a lot of time training for my new job… I am working as a barista at THE CUTEST Marshmallow Cafe, where I get to create sweet treats and fancy, insta-worthy drinks! Look out because I’m going to be giving these gourmet marshmallows away as Christmas presents!

When I wasn’t working, here’s what I was up to…

  • Read all of my November magazine subscriptions… Cosmo, Women’s Health, & Shape.
  • Watched some Friends episodes. I’m re-watching all the shows again and am on season 4 right now!
  • Worked up a sweat at FFC- West Loop.
  • Went to the Logan Square Farmers Market with my sweet man. We were on the hunt for some pumpkins, but they were all too small, so we’re postponing pumpkin-carving until next weekend. However, we did sample some homemade balsamic vinaigrettes and bought this AMAZING, fire-roasted salsa from one of the vendors.
  • For lunch, we hit up a Korean fusion place. I was a bit skeptical, but our sesame-chili shrimp tacos hit the spot for sure. Of course we had to get the gamja fries to share as well.
  • Picked up some Caramel Apple Spice Cider from Starbucks after lunch.
  • Walked around the North Pond and Lincoln Park area. We even visited the zoo! I loved seeing the snow leopard and giraffes!
  • Caught up with my mom, sister, and bestie on the phone.

I am feeling so content and refreshed from the weekend. Ready for the week ahead and am excited about life right now!



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