w i n t e r.

  • Is there anything that’s putting a damper on your holiday spirit this year?

Final projects, presentations, and exams. Almost done though!

  • What’s on your shopping/gift list?

I currently need to buy picture frames and travel-sized toiletries. All of my Christmas shopping is complete AND wrapped!

  • Thoughts on sending Christmas cards?

All about it. Hand-written notes/messages can be so special. I’ve written 30+ so far!

  • How do you feel about the cold and snow?

Not about it. Maybe one light flurry on Christmas Eve, but otherwise, I enjoy the sunshine and am happiest when it’s warm.

  • What gift did you want as a kid that you never received?

A puppy in a box lol.

  • What do you struggle with during the holidays?

Seeing the many homeless people who are cold, hungry, and without shelter.

  • What is essential to your holiday?

Christmas Eve mass, cookies, holiday movies/music, and time with my loved ones.

  • Favorite Christmas cookie?

Mexican wedding cakes!

  • What gift are you giving yourself this year?

A written plan to be a healthier, more energetic, and positive person.

  • What do you look forward to about future holidays?

Doing the traditional things with my family as well as having new gatherings and memories with my love/his family in Michigan.

  • How do you feel during the last week of the year?

Grateful and determined to make the next year an even better one!

***I do not own the cover image used in this blog post.***

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