finishing up.

Hi loves! Below are some updates on my life! I hope you’re staying warm, cozy, and feeling the magic of the holiday season. XX, Mir

What I’ve been up to:
  • Went to Indy two weekends ago for my mom’s holiday work party, the Big Ten Championship game, and Christmas card pics!
  • Celebrated my love’s birthday with a sushi dinner and Brett Eldredge Christmas concert at The Chicago Theatre.
  • Found a hair salon and got my first haircut since I’ve moved. (Kind of a big deal since I’ve gone to the same stylist at home since I was 10!)
  • Went to the Christkindl market with a long-time friend. Christmas in the city is so fun!
  • Bought a tree, stockings, and candles to cozy up the downtown apartment.
  • Jim and I had brunch with my godmother and her husband last weekend. Never underestimate the goodness of a homemade snickerdoodle!
  • Saw Instant Family at the movie theater. I definitely recommend seeing it!
  • Listened to Brett Young’s new album Ticket to L.A. Check it out if you love country music and want to switch up your go-to playlist!

Looking ahead:
  • I have one more final project to submit, and then I am done with my first quarter at NU! 6 more to go! I am very excited for next quarter because I will get to treat my first pediatric client in the clinic!
  • Ice skating, zoo lights, and Christmas with my love.
  • Trip to West Palm Beach with one of my besties! So excited to feel the warm FL sunshine and take in the beauty of the beach.
  • Spending the holidays in Michigan and Indy!
  • Christmas break plan: leisurely reading, catching up with friends and family at home, movies every night, board games, cuddling with my pup, lots of tea, and simply enjoying my time off.
For you:
  • A quote for today about comfort zones…


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